Care Guide


Sleepy Wilson pyjamas are designed to be kind to your skin and the environment. Silk is an antimicrobial fabric, so it doesn’t need washing as often as other clothing items. It is also a delicate and luxurious material that requires a certain care, to ensure its quality as an investment item remains. Please see below for a little more detail on how best to care for your silk pyjamas to ensure they have a long life.






We would recommend dry cleaning your Sleepy Wilson garments, treat them well and love them forever. GreenEarth™ is now available at many quality dry cleaners, and is a new technology that delivers first class cleaning results whilst being 100% non-toxic to the environment.




Hand washing is also a good option to care for your beautiful pyjamas. Avoid letting them soak in the water, and do not wring them out. Fill a basin of cold/luke warm water and use a silk/delicates detergent, such as Tenestar. Rinse quickly with clean water (add a few drops of distilled vinegar to remove any soapy residue/sweat stains) and hang dry away from direct sunlight.





If time is an issue you can machine wash your Sleepy Wilson garments. Pop them on a cold wash and use a pillow case or laundry bag to protect your beautiful pyjamas from any snagging. Remove the pyjamas as soon as the cycle is finished. Never tumble dry your Sleepy Wilson pyjamas, and dry out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.