View our factories and major suppliers

Visibility of our supply chain is crucial, we believe everyone should know where their product is coming from, and with that in mind, we want to show you - from the weavers of our fabrics and the manufacturers of our pyjamas to the suppliers of our swing tags and packaging your product is delivered in. From factory floor to your front door, we aim to make every step transparent.

We’ve searched the world for the best weavers, printers and suppliers and it is one of our proudest achievements to be able to share that information with you.


125% Carbon Positive

We chose Freight Brokers to be our delivery partner as they are experts at working with shipments from luxury Brands such as Sleepy Wilson throughout the fashion industry and they understand the importance of great customer service

But what particularly sets them apart is their commitment to climate positive shipping ensuring that for each shipment carried on behalf of their clients and you, the customer they make the appropriate contribution to the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. Through these purchases of carbon credits, they help neutralise the shipment’s CO2 emissions thus helping us with our goal of making every part of the Sleepy Wilson business sustainable. Read more about them here...

Courtney & Co. Button Makers

Based in Gloucestershire, Courtney & Co was established in 2016 and is focussed on reviving button-making in the UK. They use a mix of traditional techniques, new technology with natural and environmentally-friendly materials to make buttons from heritage patterns in a way that is ecological, ethical and fully sustainable.

Corozo, for instance (being the material Sleepy Wilson now use) is a unique material which is derived from the nut of the Tagua Palm. It has been used in button-making for almost 150 years and has helped to preserve both the tropical rainforests in Ecuador in which they grow and the forest-dwelling communities who collect the nuts. Not only is the Corozo fully bio-degradable, but Courtney & Co. only use Oeko-tex 100 Standard and AZO-free dyes and even off-set their carbon footprint by donating nut trees to community gardens in the UK.



Paula Borges is a family owned and operated manufacturer located in northern Portugal. They have been producing for fashions’ most elite brands for over 30 years, always striving for perfect quality, impeccable service and a long term commitment to their customers.


Huzhou, Ahejiang, China - (Pyjamas, care labels, size pips and trims).

Jimmy and his team have been running their specialist silk factory near Shanghai for over 20 years. With the sheer history of The Silk Road and centuries of experience, there was no better place to develop our beautiful, exclusive printed silks. We have seen first hand what absolute perfectionists they are, which aligns wonderfully with our values.

As members of the Fashion Revolution initiative, we can all be assured that the employees supporting Sleepy Wilson are being paid a fair wage and experience a stable, positive environment - something which all of us should be able to enjoy.


Stephen Walters & Son’s are a 10th generation, family owned silk mill in Sudbury, UK. Currently led by Julius Walters, these precious and exclusive yarns are brought to life in the form of distinguished jacquards that reflect the strong manufacturing heritage that continues to exist in Britain today with 2020 marking their 300th Anniversary.


James Hare started off in 1865 from a cottage in Leeds, not as a silk weaver but a specialist wool merchant. it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the company established itself as the leading silk supplier to the bridal and fashion trade, where it continues to hold esteemed regard today.


Texcart is owned and run by Claudio Lazzaretti, who passionately followed his dreams to design trims and accessories for some of the best brands across the world. For over 25 years, the team at Texcart in Carpi, Italy have been providing woven labels, hangtags, boxes and more, now also focussing on ensuring their offering is environmentally friendly, sustainable and transparent.


No Issue - Founders of the Eco Packaging Alliance, Bert, anna and team at No Issue ensure we get our products all around the world, in biodegradable mailer bags. Life is way too short to have single use plastic anywhere in the supply chain, particularly when there are appropriate alternatives available.
“We believe that sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be unattainable, you can be environmentally conscious and responsible while creating a premium product” (No Issue)


Weavabel are creative garment branding specialists based in Leeds. They have been developing woven labels, hangtags and trim for over 30 years, providing great service and high quality from concept to production. They are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions with their new Eco range. We have been working with them to develop our garment hangtags, which are being made in Guangzhou, China.


Precious packaging provide a custom print packaging service and are situated in Northern Ireland. With years of experience behind them they have been helping us produce our beautiful bespoke butterfly printed tissue paper. The tissue paper will be made by their factory in Turkey.