Sizing & Fit Guide

All of our styles have been fit approved using Alvanon European Standard anthropometric mannequins, but obviously in the case of our children’s styles please use the age range as a guide as a child’s height, weight and personalities can vary greatly.

If you can manage to get your little ones to stand still for longer than a millisecond, check their measurements against the charts below and choose accordingly.

For the women’s styles the Poppy Style is a little more tailored and finely cut to give a more curved silhouette. The Poppy style will be more true to size and when choosing your size you should keep with your usual dress sizing.

The Aurelie Style has been cut to be a little more generous with a relaxed fit and is more of a true pyjama style. Depending on how you like to wear you PJ’s we suggest you err on the side of one size down. So if you are normally a size 12 dress size, try the size 10 in Aurelie,

I myself am usually a size 11 and have found it difficult in finding the right size as all Brands do it differently, so I have used Alvanon European Standard anthropometric mannequins to get the standard sizing correct. The differences really come down to the styling and as I wanted to offer two really different styles to give more of a choice, this has been reflected in the sizing differences.

If you need to discuss you sizing or have any questions at all then please call the Studio and either myself or one of my team are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Check the contact page for up-to-date info or please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at Thank you.