Our Story

Sleepy Wilson is all about the transformative power of sleep. We are at our best when we are rested and full of energy, revitalised after a good night’s sleep. With this in mind, one of the main inspirations for us has been the earthly caterpillar. One day, he sets out for food, only to find an abundance of leaves to nibble on…with a full tummy, the caterpillar settles to rest while spinning a cocoon around his whole body. Safe and sound in this perfect environment, a long and fruitful sleep ensues…resulting in the metamorphosis of a beautiful butterfly.

Cheeky Lorcán and Mischief Molly.

We All Need Sleep!

We created Sleepy Wilson and our range of sleepwear from a deep longing for a good nights sleep, our love of beautiful pyjama’s and our desire to make something that would last and be pure pleasure to put on every time. We both have suffered from sleep problems since teenage years and our hope was to address this head on…stresses, worries and insecurities, jobs, career, finances and struggles with family, the same issues that many of us suffer from. We have also learned first hand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution or a magic pill, but we hope that by combining a healthy routine, working to our strengths, creating a product that is of true quality and producing it in a socially and ethically conscious way, we can help our family and yours, to sleep better….naturally.

Silk production in our suppliers factory.

Why Silk?

We use natural fibres in our pyjamas because not only do our bodies react better to natural, as opposed to synthetic, our minds do too. Silk naturally biodegrades, provided you don’t add any nasty chemical finishes or coatings to it (we don’t), we also use only Oekotex certified dyes and inks in our mills to ensure nothing toxic ever comes into contact with the person making it or wearing it.

Some of our fabric ready to be crafted.

Home to Sustainable Sleepwear

At Sleepy Wilson HQ, we have a lot of experience working with factories and mills all over the world, so we were very selective about where our sleepwear are produced. 

Knowing the people that make our sleepwear can earn a living wage is extremely important to us and is one of the reasons that we have signed up to Fashion Revolution and the #whomadeyourclothes campaign. We want our suppliers to be happy and able to get direct feedback from us and YOU! That’s why, over the coming months we will be documenting our pattern cutters, printers, garment factories and more, on our website so you can also see for yourselves, who is doing what and how they feel about it.

Further to this, your mind can be at peace in the knowledge that your pyjamas have been delivered to you in the best possible way. All of our packaging, from factory to warehouse or warehouse to you, is made from recycled/ recyclable and biodegradable materials so we are not adding to the vast quantities of ocean plastic already damaging our environment.