Corporate Responsibility Policy

Sleepy Wilson has always striven for the absolute best practice when sourcing, manufacturing and retailing its garments and is constantly working to ensure that its entire supply chain adhere to social and environmental policies which are in line with our own.



We always aim to provide as much information as possible to the production and sourcing our pyjamas and will only use manufactures who can provide independent reports to evidence any claims made.



We are always trying to ensure we provide the customer information on where our products come from and who made them thus ensuring a fair wage is earn’t by all and where there is no forced or child labour .



We constantly strive to remove all single use plastic from our production process, only use natural fibres and ensure all our packaging is biodegradable and recycled where possible. All dyes are natural, safe and the production process uses the minimum required water.


Natural Fibres

This ranges from our choice to use 19 momme silk in our pyjamas as it is a natural product and aids sleep to the FSC certified paper our swing tags are made from.

All silk used in Sleepy Wilson garments has been produced with the strictest chemical standards adhered to.



All Sleepy Wilson suppliers must sign the Sleepy Wilson Manufacturers Agreement and undertake a compliance visit by the Founder and Creative Director Paula Wilson. This code of conduct has strict standards regarding:

·     Legal compliance

·     Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

·     Prohibition of discrimination

·     Compensation

·     Working hours

·     Workplace health and safety

·     Prohibition of child labour

·     Prohibition of forced labour and disciplinary measures

·     Environment and safety issues

·     Management systems

·     Animal ethics

The founder of Sleepy Wilson, Paula Wilson personally oversees all production for her brand. These personal visits mean she can guarantee that production has been undertaken in an approved factory and not outsourced to another location that may not meet the rigorous standards we set.